Serious Trampoline Park Injury? Investigate Now!

If your child has been seriously injured at a trampoline park, jump park, or similar amusement facility, you are not alone!  One pediatric orthopedic surgeon said nothing has ever increased his number of patient like trampoline parks have over the last five years.

These facilities are always serious injuries waiting to happen.  It’s not right.  It’s not fair.  And the parks will never tell you how bad the problem is.  Kids are getting hurt by the thousands.  If it has happened to your family, you owe it to your kids and to other families to stand up and find out if you can take legal action.

The facilities rely on the signed waiver to get out of legal liability.  They don’t tell you that, depending on your state, the waiver may not be valid.  Every state is different and every case is different.  But it’s worth a phone call.

We’ve seen paralysis, traumatic brain injury, broken legs, broken arms, and torn acl’s, among numerous other serious, permanent injuries.  In children.  All in children.  It needs to stop.